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Volunteer Opportunities that Improve Water Quality in Texas

Opportunities to participate in water quality monitoring and environmental restoration projects allow citizens to personally contribute to efforts to improve Texas' water quality. Their contributions often significantly assist state agencies evaluate watershed health and are usually essential components of restoration projects. The following links provide information about ongoing programs in Texas that are primarily volunteer organizations and that will accept additional volunteers.

The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service offers training for individuals who want to become more involved in protecting water quality in their watershed.  The Texas Watershed Stewards (TWS) program is a statewide one-day educational program designed to improve the quality of Texas' water resources by educating local stakeholders about their watershed, potential impairments, and steps that can be taken to help improve and protect water quality.  The program is sponsored by AgriLife Extension and the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board (TSSWCB) and made possible through a Clean Water Act section 319(h) nonpoint source grant through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  The goals of the program are to: 1) Promote healthy watersheds by increasing citizen awareness and understanding about the nature and function of watersheds, 2) Empower individuals to take leadership roles in their watersheds, and 3) Facilitate local stakeholder involvement in watershed protection and management activities that will improve and protect the quality of water for all Texans.

vol1.jpg Texas Stream Team is a network of trained volunteers and supportive partners working together to help the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission monitor the health of Texas lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands, bayous, and estuaries. Established in 1991 and funded primarily through the federal Clean Water Act, Texas Stream Team trains students, teachers, and volunteers to collect quality-assured information that can be used to assist professionals in developing local and regional management strategies. To accomplish this, Texas Stream Team promotes a wide range of activities, including a rigorous certified water quality monitoring program, environmental education programs, civic activities including storm drain stenciling, and statewide and regional conferences and workshops. Texas Stream Team provided the description above.

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