Southern Regional Water Program

Research, Extension & Education Water Quality Programs through the Land Grant University System

Texas Target Themes

Waste Management
Addresses proper handling, storage and beneficial reuse of various waste materials including human and animal biosolids and industrial by-products.
Drinking Water & Human Health
Addresses the testing and evaluation of water quality for human consumption, types of contaminants and methods of treatment.
Environmental Restoration
Addresses the evaluation, management and recovery of impaired land and water resources impacted by natural and human-accelerated disturbance or contamination such as mining, energy exploration, erosion and/or waste disposal.
Nutrient & Pesticide Management
Addresses the proper handling, storage and use of nutrients and pesticides to protect water quality in agricultural and non-agricultural environments.
Pollution Assessment & Prevention
Addresses methods and technologies for evaluating types and sources of potential water pollution and strategies for prevention.
Watershed Management
Addresses the characteristics and functions of watersheds and methods for protection of water resources on a watershed scale.
Water Quantity & Policy
Addresses water quantity and policy issues and their relevance to maintaining the availability and quality of water resources needed to meet the growing demands for both consumptive and nonconsumptive uses.
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