Southern Regional Water Program

Research, Extension & Education Water Quality Programs through the Land Grant University System

Nutrient & Pesticide Management

nutrientpest1.jpgNutrients and pesticides are potential pollutants of both surface and ground water. Nutrients originate from a variety of sources including organic and inorganic fertilizers, plant parts, animal manures and human wastes. Likewise, pesticides are used for a wide range of purposes from disease, weed, and insect control in agricultural production systems to control of pests in urban lawns and landscapes. Ensuring proper handling, use and disposal of these important and beneficial products is critical to prevent adverse impacts on water resources and aquatic habitats.

nutrientpest2.jpgIn the Southern Region, the Land Grant University System provides research, education and extension resources to assist state and federal agencies, businesses and industries, communities and individual citizens in addressing water quality concerns. These programs provide information for specific audiences, such as farmers, homeowners and youth. However, many water quality issues overlap. Be sure to check out all related links to find the information you need to answer your water quality questions.

Conditions in Your Watershed

Information on nutrient and pesticide impaired waterbodies in each state is available through your state water quality agency and the Environmental Protection Agency. The Federal Clean Water Act requires states to develop a list of impaired waters and update it every 2 years. The most current assessments can be found at Additional information on water quality conditions in individual states is available from state water quality agencies which can be accessed from the homepage by clicking on the state and then Partners.

Resources and Programs

Some examples of major resources and programs provided by Land Grant Universities in the Southern Region are listed below. For more information in a specific state, click on that state here or on the homepage.

Extension Outreach

Each of the Land Grant Universities in the Southern Region includes an Extension program designed to provide educational outreach into all counties of the state. Extension education interprets research results from colleges and universities and other sources throughout the world and delivers it to the end user, who is often a homeowner, business owner or agricultural producer. Some examples of major Extension education programs addressing nutrient and pesticide issues in the Southern Region include:

Scientific Research

Scientific research is the basis for development of new technology to enable the safe and effective use of nutrients and crop protection chemicals. Researchers at Land Grant Universities work to develop these new technologies, verify their economic benefits and minimize any potential environmental impacts. Some examples of major research efforts in the Southern Region include:

College and University Education

Degree programs and continuing adult education are critical to develop new talent and human resources to address the water quality issues of the future. Educational curricula in nutrient and pesticide management are available at Land Grant Colleges and Universities throughout the Southern Region. Some key examples include

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