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October 23 - 26, 2005

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Platform Title First Author
Effective Communications Skills: Essential for Building NPS Pollution Partnerships Brantley
An Assessment of Storm Water Runoff Issues in Pine Bluff, White Hall, The University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff and Jefferson County Buckner
Sediment & Bacteria TMDL Technical Advisory Groups in Georgia Bumback
Infrastructure Security for Public Water and Wastewater Utilities Burns
Composting Turkey Brooder Litter in South Carolina: A Case Study Chastain
Enhancing Water Quality Education Using Demonstration Sites Chastain
Implementing of Management Practices to Reduce Pollution Potential Contributed to Livestock Waste Christian
FIFRA-Federal Pesticide Law -How EPA Regulates the Sale, Distribution, and use of Pesticides in the US Collins
An Integrated Approach to Research, Outreach and Management in the Tallapoosa River Basin, Alabama Deustch
Watershed Stewardship Tidbits Downing
Abandoned Water Well Program Dozier
Extension Master Gardner Program Durham
Bacteria Runoff Relative to Stocking Rates Evans
Design and Evaluation of Golf Course Best Management Practices Along the Albemarle Sound Evans
Oklahoma's Poultry Litter Transfer Program Fram
The Extension Specialist Program Approach to Meeting TMDL's in Kansas Frisbie
Decision Making in Times of Scarce Water Resources Garkovich
Beneficial Re-Use of Ground Residential Construction Wood Waste Gaskin
Promoting Grazingland BMP's to Livestock Producers George
Dairy Manure Compost for Erosion Control Projects Gerngross
OSU Extension's Master Watershed Steward Program Godwin
Primacy-A Safe Drinking Water Act Provision Maintained by Kentucky Division of Water Grubbs
Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs)-The Centerpiece of the Public's Right-to-Know Provisions Grubbs
Emerging Issues for Drinking Water and the Drinking Water Industry Hairston
Biosolids Utilization: Facts for Discussion with the Public Hanion
Building Partnerships through Arkansas Master Farmer Harrington
Water Quality Education in Rural Landscapes: The Coastal South Carolina Experience Hitchcock
Spavinaw Creek 319 Education BMP Demonstration Project Hollenback
Pesticides Can Do the Unexpected Houghton
Maine's Watershed Stewards Program-Who, What, & Why Jemison
Stream Restoration Lessons Learned in North Carolina Jennings
Watershed Academy: Principles of Water Quality Monitoring, Planning, and Restoration Jennings
USDA Cost Share Programs used to Prevent Point Source Contamination of the Floridian Aquifer Jordon
Working with Experiment Stations, Academic Departments, and Stakeholders on Water Quality Education and Data Enhancement LeBlanc
Innovations in Subsurface Turf Irrigation Leinauer
Bottled Water vs. Tap Water- Which is Better? McCowan
What is the Watershed Education Network Partnership with EPA? McKinley
Implementing a Statewide Master Farmer Program Mendoza
Basics of Irrigation Scheduling Morgan
Pesticide Laws, Regulations, and Education for Kentucky Pesticide Applicators Newton
4-H Multi-State Water Camp Osborne
Pasture Walks for Rotational Grazing in the Jordan River Watershed Hancock County Mississippi Pace
Well…What do you Know? An Introduction to Well and Drinking Water Protection Pagan
Using Compost and Mulch to Control Runoff, Erosion, and Nutrient Losses Risse
Water Policy and Agriculture Redevelopment in Alabama Rodekohr
Extending Water Quality and Conservation Ideas to Elected and Appointed Officials Sawyer
Overview of Extension Agent Training-Working with Watershed Action Groups Sawyer
Compost Utilization in Urban Landscapes Sloan
Comparison of In-Vessel and Traditional Composting Units Stephens
Private Water Well Testing Stoker
The PPM Calculator-A tool for Pasture Phosphorus Management and Implementation of TDMLs Storm
A Tool for Urban Water Conservation: Automated Weather Network Evapo-Transpiration Sutherland
Water Quality and Atrazine Sensitivity Thom
Status of Water Quality in the Wheeler Lake Basin of Northern Alabama Tsegaye
A Web CT-based Certified Animal Waste Vender Training and Education Verification Program Tyson
Beyond Traditional Wellhead Inspections with a Down-Well Camera Vendrell
Improving Water Quality in Pond Creek: Using GIS to Identify Non-Point Source Pollution and Develop a Remediation Strategy Walker
Development of a Web-based Farm Mapping Tool for Tennessee Walker
Pecan Tree Irrigation-Fertilization Management Tool Wang
Pesticide Loss from Agriculture Lands: Concepts and Examples Wilson


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Poster Title Abstract First Author
An Autumn Walk by a Stream: A Natural Resource Leadership Retreat Abstract Adkins
Soil Conditioners and Pesticide Mobility in the Environment Abstract Antonious
Rainfall Simulation to Assess Microbial and Nutrient Dynamics in Biosolids Amended Soils Abstract Atalay
Rain Barrels: A Tool for Reducing Nonpoint Source Pollution Abstract Bargar
Distribution of Alachlor in Decatur Silt Loam Soil Under Different Soil Management Practices Abstract Belvitt
The Mississippi-Alabama Clean Marina Program Abstract Borden
Water Quality Associated with a Swine Waste Treatment System and Constructed Wetland on the UAPB Campus Abstract Buckner
Vegetation for Bio-Retention Areas Abstract Caldwell
Suwannee River Partnership - A Team Approach to Watershed Nutrient Management Abstract Carte
Composition and Settling Characteristics of Milking Center Wastewater: A Case Study Abstract Chastain
Compost of Animal Wastes from Large County Equestrian Center Benefits Multiple County Programs and Demonstrates Approved Processing, Handling, and Spreading Procedures Abstract Christenberry
Lessons Learned from a Water Quality Survey in an Under-Served Community Abstract Dennis
Increasing Citizen Involvement in Everglades Restoration and Management Abstract Dodd
Forestry Best Management Practices Abstract Dugger
Linking Forestry and Wildlife to Water Quality Abstract Evans
A County Agent's Perspective: Delivering an Effective County Program to Private Well Owners Abstract Fielder
Educational Efforts for TMDLs in Kansas Abstract Frisbie
Monofilament Fishing Line Recycling Program in St Lucie County, Florida Abstract Gioeli
Beef Cattle Water Systems in Decatur & Henderson Counties Abstract Glass
Use of GIS and Remote Sensing to Examine the Effects of Urbanization on the Water Quality of the Indian Creek Watershed Abstract Golson-Garner
Kansas Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy (WRAPS) Abstract Graber
Adult/Youth Partnership Assessment of Lake Bruin Watershed Abstract Hendrix
Walk Your Land: Methamphetamine and Water Quality Issues Abstract Henken
Turfgrass Establishment Using Saline Groundwater and Subsurface Irrigation Abstract Johnson
Evaluation of Constructed Wetlands as a Method to Improve Dairy Waste Effluent Abstract LeBlanc
Sensors and Samplers for Irrigation Water Quality Projects Abstract Lipsey
Assessment of Cartridges for Assaying Toxic Semi-Volatile Organic Contaminants in Solid-Liquid Extraction Technique Abstract Massoudi
Soil Test-Based P Fertilizer Rates for Snap Beans Abstract McAvoy
Improper Lawn Care Causes Water Pollution Abstract McCowan
The CSREES National Water Program Abstract McFarland
Southern Region Water Quality Coordination Project Abstract McFarland
Southern Region Water Quality Information System Abstract McFarland
Highlighted Water Quality Outreach and Education Initiatives in Texas Abstract McFarland
Children's Environmental Health Partnership Abstract McKinley
Fluids: Do You Know the Facts? Abstract Moore
Phosphorus Feeding for Transition Dairy Cows: Preliminary Results Abstract Moreira
Learning to Better Manage: The South Florida Irrigation and Nutrient Schools for Vegetable Growers Abstract Olczyk
North Central Texas Water Quality Project Abstract Persyn
Soil Testing For Manure Management Abstract Rice
Enviro Ed Expo Abstract Roberts
Water Quality Education in the Catawba River Watershed Abstract Rogers
Rice Best Management Practice Effectiveness Demonstration Abstract Savoie
Restoring Coastal Marsh Functions Through Control of Invasive Species in Louisiana Abstract Savoie
Volunteer Extension Educators Trained to Implement a Field-based, Hands-on Curriculum in Karst Hydrogeology and Spring Run Ecology for Middle Grade Students Abstract Sheftall
Water Quality in Georgia's Private Drinking Water Wells Abstract Sonon
New Arkansas Nutrient Management Laws Abstract Steele
From Science to Society: Facilitating Best Management Practice Adoption Abstract Steil
Source Water Protection for Lake Linville: The Water Supply for Rockcastle County, Kentucky Abstract Stickney
Organic Burial Composting of Cattle Mortality Abstract VanDevender
Reducing Mud Problems in Cattle Heavy Use Areas with Coal Combustion ByProducts Abstract VanDevender
Animal Manures, Poultry Litter, and Water Quality: Focus on Potassium and the Phosphorus Should Take Care of Itself! Abstract Walker
Increased Performance of Feeder Cattle Utilizing Clean Water Abstract White
Arkansas Extension Nutrient Management Programs Abstract Wilson
4-H Creek Stomp Abstract Yancey
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