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The following projects are documented on the Current Research Information System (CRIS) website. CRIS is the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) documentation and reporting system for ongoing and recently completed research projects in agriculture, food and nutrition, and forestry.

406 Awards in Regions 4 and 6
Project Report Title Investigator(s) Affiliation Region
0220152 Enhancing Water Quality in Ooostanuala Watershed: An Integrated Approach Toward Understanding Adoption and Efficacy of Best Management Practices F. R. Walker, S. A. Hawkins, C. D. Clark, A. C. Layton, D. M. Lambert University of Tennessee 4
0220216 Robeson Creek Water Quality Outreach Initiative K. Hall, J. Spooner, D. Line, C. Perrin, J. Blackwell North Carolina State University 4
0211205 A New Approach to Sediment TMDL Watersheds in the Southern Piedmont D.E. Radcliffe, L.M. Risse, J. Ritchie, A. Simon and E. Langendoen University of Georgia 4
0207905 An Integrative Investigation of the Sources and Effects of Groundwater Contamination for Local Communities and Homeowners in North Carolina A. Vengosh, L.S. Bennear, E.M. Klein, E.S.Weinthal, M. Wiesner and M.L. Mirenda Duke University 4
0197867 Development of a CNMP Core Training Curriculum R.T. Burns University of Tennessee 4
0197306 Developing Community-based Restoration Initiatives J.E. Hairston and E.F. Brantley Auburn University 4
0197720 IFAS Wetland Enhancement Decision-Making Tools and Training for Landowners and Technical Service Providers D.M. Flinchum, M.W. Clark, P.J. Hogue, and D.S. Larson University of Florida 4
0197353 A Transferable Model of Stakeholder Partnerships for Addressing Nutrient Dynamics in Southeastern Watersheds W.G. Deutsch, D.R. Bayne, L. Han, J.A. Glasier and R. Nelson Auburn University 4
0197772 Improved Irrigation Efficiency and Reduced Potential for Surface Water Contamination Using Intermittent Plus Multiple Inlet Irrigation in Rice (Oryza sativa) Production J.H. Massey Mississippi State University 4
0198072 A Framework for Trading Phosphorus Credits in the Lake Allatoona Watershed D.E. Radcliffe, R. Jackson, A. Keeler, M. Risse, and L. Fowler University of Georgia 4
0198337 Integrated Watershed-based Molecular and Hydrologic Monitoring Techniques to Assess Pathogen Loading in Estuarine Environments and Improve Shellfish Resource Management Programs N.M. White East Carolina University 4
0201163 Understanding and Explaining the Relationships Between Dissolved Oxygen, Water Quality and Stream Ecosystems in the Coastal Plain of Georgia G. Vellidis, G.L. Hawkins, S.R. Crow, E.S. Perry, C.M. Pringle, R.R. Lowrance and S.L. Reinhardt University of Georgia 4
0205190 Improving Water Quality at the Watershed Level by Targeting High Return Stakeholders K.L. White, J. Crane, Y. Li, E. Evans, B. Schaffer, and R. Munoz-Carpena University of Florida 4
0201368 Strategies for Phosphorus Reduction from Land Receiving Dairy Manure on the North Bosque and Leon Rivers J.P. Muir, T. Butler, B. Lambert, J. Tomberlin, D. Weindorf, S. Mukhtar and M. Yu Texas A&M University 6
0197966 Drinking Water Education for Under-served Communities M.D. Smolen and L.C. McCowan Oklahoma State University 6
0197554 Development of Online Nutrient Management Certification Course for TSPs for CAFOs S.E. Feagley, J.B. Carey, B.W. Auvermann, L.W. Greene, E.R. Jordan, M.L. McFarland, T.L. Provin, J.A. Sterle, N. Bade, and S. Mukhtar Texas A&M University 6
0198256 Development of an Integrated Water Quality-Water Management Program in the Arkansas Delta I. Chauby, M. Matlock, E. Vories, J. Popp, J. Hipp University of Arkansas 6
0186679 Alabama Farm*A*Syst Program to Serve Small Farm Operators and Underserved Audiences J.C. LaPrade Auburn University 4
0190380 Agricultural Runoff Impacts on Total Maximum Daily Loads and Water Quality J.E. Lepo, and R.A. Snyder University of West Florida 4
0190411 Cattle Production Practices in Grazed Watersheds of the Humid Region Web Site S.R. Workman, J.R. Bicudo, E.S. Vanzant, and D.R. Edwards University of Kentucky 4
0190418 Monitoring and TMDL Modeling Techniques to Assess Bacterial Loading in Estuarine Environments and Improve Management Programs N. White North Carolina State University 4
0193289 Demonstrating Stream Restoration: Natural Channel Design, Stormwater Management and Exotic Species Control in a Rapidly Developing Watershed J. Spooner and D. Frederick North Carolina State University 4
0192768 Geo-Temporal and Visualization of Nitrogen in a Mixed-Use Watershed S. Grunwald, D.A. Graetz, N.B. Comerford, R.B. Brown and M. Clark University of Florida 4
No CRIS record available Attenuation of non-point source nitrogen pollution in a coastal watershed: Implications for nutrient management M.F. Piehler University of North Carolina - Morehead City 4
0186730 Protejer el Rio R.C. Runyan New Mexico State University 6
0186817 Environmental Training for the Arkansas Livestock Industry S. Watkins University of Arkansas 6
0190537 Oklahoma Green Country Watershed Education Project M.D. Smolen and W.G. Ross Oklahoma State University 6
0190484 Phosphorus Management for Sustainable Animal Agriculture in Ozark Watersheds M.D. Hamilton University of Arkansas 6
0190344 Achieving TMDL Goals in Impaired Watersheds through Manure Export in Turfgrass Sod C.L. Munster, D.M. Vietor, R.H. White, and S.E. Feagley Texas A&M University 6
0193325 Composting as a Carcass Disposal Alternative to Burial for Large Livestock Carcasses B. Auvermann Texas A&M University 6
0192683 A Nutrient Management Decision Support System for the Eucha Basin M. Matlock, I. Chaubey, B. Haggard, D. Storm, M. Smolen, and W. Focht University of Arkansas 6
0192446 Utilizing Mississippi River Diversions for Nutrient Management in a Louisiana Coastal Watershed (NUMAN) J.W. Day, E. Reyes, J. Cable, D. Justic, and R. Twilley Louisiana State University 6
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