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The following projects are documented on the Current Research Information System (CRIS) website. CRIS is the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) documentation and reporting system for ongoing and recently completed research projects in agriculture, food and nutrition, and forestry.

National Research Initiative (NRI) Awards in Regions 4 and 6
Project ID Title Investigator(s) Affiliation Region
0210365 S. Typhimurium and E. coli O157:H7 Transport Modeling for Agricultural Practices G. Chen, G.and A. Chan Hilton Florida A&M University 4
0207383 Watershed Scale Transport of Salmonella, Campylobacter, and Indicator Organisms in the Satilla River Basin E.K. Lipp, M.B. Jenkins, R. Lowrance, P. Gay, and E. Vereen University of Georgia 4
0200940 Experimental Analysis and Modeling of Macropore Flow During Artificial Subsurface Drainage G.A. Fox University of Mississippi 4
0204734 Quantifying the Importance of Lateral, Subsurface Flow on Sediment Load to Streams G.A. Fox University of Mississippi 4
0204894 The Role of Ponds in Reducing the Threat of Pathogen Contamination from Li vestock in Agricultural Watersheds M.B. Jenkins Campbell National Resource Conservation Center, ARS 4
0204750 River Ecosystem Resilience Synergies of Excess Sediment and Nitrogen: Degraded Hyporheic Dynamics and Compromised River Ecosystem Resilience G.C. Poole Eco-metrics, Inc. Tucker, GA 4
0189905 Restoring Degraded Stream Corridors Using Woody, Riparian Vegetation: An Experimental Study S.J.Bennett, C.V. Alonso and B.D. Barkdoll National Sedimentation Laboratory Oxford, Mississippi 4
0187401 Soil Biogeochemical Indicators to Assess Water Quality Improvement Function of Wetlands E.M. D'Angelo and A.D. Karathanasis University of Kentucky 4
0186830 Coastal Eutrophication and the Productivity of Clams and Oysters E.J. Phlips, S. Baker, D. Murie and T.K. Frazer University of Florida 4
0196068 Quantifying Nitrogen Transport from Groundwater to a River in a Large Ag ricultural Watershed in North Carolina D.P. Genereux, D.R. Corbett and H. Mitasova North Carolina State University 4
0191005 Fundamental Analysis of a Novel Swine Wastewater Treatment Technology F.L. de los Reyes III and J. Cheng North Carolina State University 4
0189330 Impacts of Landscape Change on Variable Saturation Areas in a Humid Subtropical Climate M.H. Nachabe University of South Florida 4
0189529 Bacterial Source Tracking Methods to Identify Nonpoint Fecal Pollution in Agricultural Watersheds V. Harwood, C. Hagedorn and B. Wiggins University of South Florida 4
0193644 Use of Viral Pathogens as Tools to Differentiate Between and Quantify Sources of Fecal Contamination in Three Different Watersheds R.T. Noble University of North Carolina - Morehead City 4
0196020 Global Biogeochemical Cycling of Trace Metals: Transport, Transformation, and Fate of Mercury in Watershed: A Need For An Automated Gaseous Mercury Analyzer H. Zhang Tennessee Technological University 4
0210396 Water Conservation in Forage Production Systems by Sorghum-Legume Intercropping in the Southern High Plains S. Angadi, M. Marsalis, R. Hagevoort, A. Cole and P. Gowda New Mexico State University 6
0210540 Role of Directly Connected Macropores in Pathogen Transport to Subsurface Drainage G. Fox Oklahoma State University 6
0210643 Quantifying the Mechanisms of Pathogen Retention in Unsaturated Soils S.L. Bryant University of Texas 6
0207048 Fecal Bacteria Transport in Ozark Streams B.E. Haggard University of Arkansas 6
0200660 Influence of Grain-Scale Geometry on Colloid Transport S.L. Bryant University of Texas 6
0204666 Effects of Ditch and Field Irrigation Seepage on Rio Grande Flow A. Fernald, S.J. Guldan, J.P. King and V. Tidwell New Mexico State University 6
0196624 Differentiating Runoff Contributing Areas for Effective Water Quality Management I. Chaubey, B. Haggard, and P. Srivastava University of Arkansas 6
0196323 A Coupled Biogeochemical/Hydrological Approach for Elucidating Transport and Cycling of Nitrogen Within Mantled Karst Watersheds S.E. Ziegler and P.D. Hays University of Arkansas 6
0189254 Ground Water Vulnerability Delineation Using Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic and Neuro-Fuzzy Models D.C. Wolf, B. Dixon, J.V. Brahana, J.C. Dixon and H.D. Scott University of Arkansas 6
0193667 A Geographical Information System (GIS) for Red River Watershed Management Research G.M. Hanson Louisiana State University in Shreveport 6
0196019 A Scintillometer for Measurement of Sensible Heat Fluxes on 100 to 10,000 M Scales over Heterogeneous Watersheds J.M. Hendrickx New Mexico Tech 6
0196018 Estimation of Regional Consumptive Water Use in the Western United States through Optical Remote Sensing Using Sebal J.M. Hendrickx New Mexico Tech 6
0192818 Novel Polymeric Soil Amendments to Remove Pesticides and Protect Buffer Zones, Filter Strips and Waterways K.J. McInnes, S.A. Senseman and E.E. Simanek Texas A&M University 6
0190473 Advance in Stochastic Wind Modeling for Wind Erosion Estimation P. Dodorico Texas A&M University/ University of Virginia 6/3
0192811 Variable Frequency Acoustic Profiling for Sediment Surveys of Flood Control Reservoirs J.A. Dunbar, P.M. Allen and S.J. Bennett Baylor University 6
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