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Program Area: Nutrient Management

program-nutrientmgmt.jpgNutrient loss to surface waters is prevalent across the Southern Region. In addition, groundwater contamination by nitrate continues to be a major concern for domestic wells in many areas. The objective of the Nutrient Management Program is to support regional planning, collaboration and information sharing to improve nutrient management recommendations and enhance both economic and environmental outcomes in threatened and impaired watersheds.


The Southern Region Nutrient Management Program Team met to produce a comprehensive summary of southern region states' nutrient management regulations, planning and training, and P-indices. The resulting publication is titled: Comparing ratings of the southern phosphorus indices. To see the summary and supporting presentations, please select from the following:

Summary Presentations

Supporting Presentations

nmnewsletter_2007-01.jpgThe Southern Region Nutrient Management Program Newsletter. This newsletter highlights the synthesis of research and outreach efforts in nutrient management across the southern region.



The Nutrient Management Program Team has compiled the following quantitative indicators of program outcomes and outputs within the Southern Region.

Estimated reductions in fertilizer N & P applied: 6,375,000 lbs
Land area impacted by nutrient management plans: 960,000 acres
Adoption of Soil Testing BMP by ag producers: frequency increased by 60% on 97,000 acres
Nutrient Management educational events conducted: 2250
Individuals trained/educated through targeted programs: 180,000
Educational resources distributed (web-based and hardcopy): 260,000

For information on additional Land Grant University programs and research in Southern Region states addressing nutrient management, return to the home page, select a state and choose from Target Themes.

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