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Program Area: Drinking Water and Rural Urban Interface Landowner Education

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Many people in the Southern Region have access to public water supplies, but up to half of rural residents rely on private water supplies, primarily from wells, to meet their domestic needs. In general, public supplies are of good quality; however, citizens drinking from private sources are at greater risk for water quality problems and are responsible for solving such problems. Many of these citizens are in the rural urban interface, as the Southern Region population continues to grow rapidly. To avoid negative impacts on water quality caused by changes in land use, it is critical to provide information to the public about both on-site consequences and off-site impacts, particularly at the rural/urban interface. The objective of this Program is to support regional planning, collaboration and information sharing to improve drinking water and rural urban interface environmental management by providing landowners the knowledge needed to protect water resources.

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The regional Focus Area Team utilizes University expertise in Economics, Sociology, Planning, Landscape Architecture, and Natural Resources, along with partners such as local governments and state environmental agencies, to accomplish the following:

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Enhanced regional and multi-agency collaboration for drinking water and rural urban interface management; increased knowledge and awareness of techniques for drinking water and rural urban interface management; improved water quality as a consequence of better-informed land management.

For information on additional Land Grant University programs and research in Southern Region states addressing drinking water and rural urban interface education, return to the home page, select a state and choose from Target Themes.

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