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Kentucky Nutrient Management Planning

Nutrients are essential to plant growth. While many nutrients needed may be found in the soil, nutrients are often applied to farm fields, home lawns and recreational areas like golf courses. These nutrients can come from commercial fertilizers or from animal manures and other organic sources.

Application of excess nutrients and build-up of nutrients in soil over time can have a negative impact on water quality. Thus, it is important to understand and follow the basic concepts of nutrient management.

The University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service has a number of resources available to help you better understand the principles of nutrient management. For those involved in agriculture, the Nutrient Management Planning in Kentucky web page provide information about professional trainings, educational materials and computer applications.

For homeowners and renters, the Ky-A-Syst for the Home Program provides a tool for assessing your yard and garden care practices.

If you’re involved in turf management, the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture Online Publications page provide a means for searching for additional information.

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